Guidelines and FAQs


To attend the Prom, you must be an NC homeschool student (in a legally opened homeschool) at least 15 years old and not older than 19 years old by May 4th, 2023.

A non-homeschooled guest of a homeschooled student (same age requirement) must also register and pay the $100 fee.

If you are bringing a guest who is a homeschooled student, they must register as a homeschool student, not a guest.

Tickets are $100 per person. Included in the price are dinner, dancing, candy buffet, coffee bar.

REGISTRATION for the 2 nights of Prom will open as follows: Monday, March 20th (for Friday Night Prom) and Tuesday, March 21st (for Thursday Night Prom). Registration will open at 12:01 am on the specified day. Each student may only register for ONE NIGHT.

If you complete a registration for more than one night, you will forfeit your opportunity to attend and your registration fee.

If you falsify any information on your registration, you will forfeit your opportunity to attend and your registration fee.

Registration forms for all homeschool students AND guests must be completely filled out and verified, and online payment submitted for each person to complete the registration. Incomplete registrations will not be guaranteed a spot at Prom.

Information required to complete the registration form for BOTH homeschooled students and Guests include: First & Last name, complete address, home phone, cell phone number, student email address, date of birth, Parent/Guardian name, email, & cell phone number; Emergency Contact person and cell phone #, and credit card information. Homeschool students must also provide school name, county of homeschool, and NC DNPE Homeschool ID # .

Only online payment is accepted; no cash or checks.

Submission of a registration form indicates agreement to abide by all Rules & Requirements of Carolina Capital Homeschool Prom.

Carolina Capital Homeschool Prom will issue NO REFUNDS. Registration may be transferred to another qualifying student ONLY in very limited circumstances and ONLY upon approval of the Prom Committee. Any transfer MUST go through the prom committee. We will accept no guests who are not fully registered.

After registration is complete, students will only be able to switch nights if there are unsold tickets available. No changes will be allowed after April 15.

There will be no physical ticket mailed or distributed. Your registration confirmation email serves as proof of registration.


The prom is an elegant formal occasion, and your attire should reflect that. Modest, appropriate prom wear should be worn by all attendees.

For Gentlemen, please wear a suit; a tuxedo; or dress slacks, a buttoned-up shirt, tie, and jacket. No jeans or t-shirts are allowed.​

For Ladies, please choose modest formal dress; open backs should be no lower than natural waist; no plunging or low-cut necklines; no bare midriffs; if wearing a 2-piece dress, the top and bottom should be able to touch. Skirts should be opaque with hems that reach at least to the knee. Slits should rise no higher than the knee as well.


Everyone must check-in upon arrival. Attendees will be given a wrist band which must be worn at all times while on Sutherland property.​

This is a chaperoned event. Attendees agree to respect the authority of all chaperones and adult supervisors.​

Attendees will stay within the physical boundaries set for the event, and not leave the premises or venture into areas designated as off-limits.​

Dancing must remain clean and Prom-appropriate. This is not a club, but a homeschool dance provided by parents who want you to have a fun and memorable evening – in a good way! Explicit or dangerous dance moves will not be permitted.​

Once admitted to the prom, students will not be allowed to leave and re-enter. No student will be allowed to go to their car unless accompanied by a chaperone.​

Absolutely no tobacco, alcohol, weapons, smoking devices, vaping, or drugs of any nature are permitted at the prom. Medical emergency devices, such as Epi-pens and inhalers are allowed and should be noted on the registration form.​

No bags or backpacks are allowed. Ladies may carry a clutch purse; purses may be inspected at check-in.

All attendees are required to read and sign the Prom Conduct & Attire Agreement as part of the registration process and are expected to abide by that agreement.

By allowing your teen to attend this event, parents agree to hold harmless Carolina Capital Homeschool Prom committee and volunteers, Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Association, The Sutherland Estate & Gardens, and any of their agents or representatives, in the event of offense, accident, or injury arising from participation in the Carolina Capital Homeschool Prom.

Parents providing transportation for attendees are responsible to arrive by the scheduled end time of 11:00 pm. Attendees are expected to stay at Prom until 10 pm. Students needing to leave early should notify the chaperones at check-in. Parental permission is required for anyone under age 18 to leave Prom before 10 pm.

Mature and respectful behavior is expected. If a student is asked to leave the Prom by a chaperone or Sutherland employee, a parent will be called. No refund will be issued.

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